How to remove gum from hair

If you find that you have gum in your hair, you don’t need to panic. You won’t need a haircut. Just follow one of these steps.

Peanut butter

First of all you will need to separate as much hair as you can from the spot. After you did this, use the peanut butter and pour it on the gum, until it’s covered in it. Then rub it. Use creamy peanut butter for a better result. The oil in the butter should make the gum slip.

Then, use a comb to remove any remaining gum. Clean the comb each time. If you don’t have any peanut butter, you can use any household oils, like olive oil or baby oil. Wash you hair after this. You need to remove any oil residue orodors.


Like before, separate the hair from the gum. Then put some cubes of ice in a bag. Then put it on the gum and wait until it’s hard. You can then pull your hair off or you can break the gum in pieces.

You last chance is to cut your hair. You may then need to go to a hairdresser and get the cut hair blended.

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