Inexpensive and beautiful roof additions

A roof dormer is a perfect home addition. It will enhance the space in your upper level, without the need of having to raise the roof or the last floor. It also add a lot of value to your home.

Measurements and location

First of all, choose a place where you want the roof dormer installed. You can install it over an existing window. Make some measurements and remove the roofing materials until you can see the nail head of the sheathing.


Begin the building process from the front wall. Start with a 2×4 frame. Angle the frame to continue the roof line. Use a saw to make some cuts and begin framing the dormer. The front wall will be the measuring point for the other two walls.

Now frame the window with a header board at the top. Make sure that the opening is level and straight.

Now it’s time to place a top plate to the top of the front wall and then begin framing the side walls. Place some roofing felt and metal flashing to the bottom of the frame and then nail it to the roof.

Use rafters to connect the top plate to the side walls. Cut some 2×6 rafters and then nail them in place.

Nail 3×4 plywood sheets to the frame and roof. Now finish off the dormer roof with roofing felt and matching shingles to the rest of the house.

Using a reciprocating saw, cut out the roof section that will open the dormer to the res of the room.

You can now add insulation and vapor barriers to the walls. Also add the vinyl siding to the outside walls.

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