Instructions to install aluminum fence posts

Although aluminum fences seem like a wrought iron fence, it doesn’t require such level of maintenance. Such a fence can be a great option for decoration, giving the high number of styles and colors. Because they are pre-manufactured, the posts must be put at a specific distance.

The difference from other fences is that the posts and rails need to be installed in the same time.


  1. The needed post holes must have a diameter that is three times the width of the post and a depth of 30 inches. Under the ground should be about one third of the entire fence length.
  2. All the dirt from the sides of the bottom of the hole should be removed. The bottom of the hole has to be wider than the top of the post so that if the ground freezes, it won’t push the concrete foot out.
  3. Before you put the fence post into the hole, you need to place a layer of 6 inches of gravel.
  4. Using the instructions on the concrete bag, pour water and quick-setting concrete as you are advised. If you see that the concrete is not pre-mixed, then you should do this with a mason’s sand. Concrete should be poured into the ground until it reaches 4 inches below the top of the hole.
  5. Keep the post upright and fill the hole with dirt and tamp it down.
  6. Dig the holes for the rest of the fence posts until you reach a corner post or an end post. You should keep a distance between the posts that can be determined based on the size of the aluminum fence you are going to purchase. All the holes should be in a straight line, starting from the first post. If you feel the need, use a piece of string tied from the first post and run it over the holes. Some gravel is needed in each post hole.
  7. After you drilled into the posts, set the aluminum fence rails. Repeat this task until you finish all the posts.
  8. Concrete is needed up to 4 inches below the top of the hole. After the line post is adjusted, you need to fill the hole with 4 inches of dirt. Tamp the dirt down until the posts are fully stabilized. Do this for all the fence line posts.
  9. Use a level to align the aluminum fence and look at it from different angles to see if it is straight. All the rails and fence posts should be in a straight line when looking at them from the side. Do all you have to do before the concrete is fully dried.


  • Call 811 to send somebody to mark all the utility lines underground.
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