Kitchen appliances

Kitchen island are very popular in modern kitchens, not only for their nice look but also because they are very practical.

1. You need to make some measurements in your kitchen.

You need to have at least 3 feet from the margin of the kitchen or the wall appliances from the kitchen island. This will ensure enough space to move.

2. Now, think of the utility that you’ll give to the kitchen island. Will it be a place where you’ll cook, where you’ll need a sink, an oven, or will it just be a place where you gather your family and have a nice dinner.

3. If you want your kitchen to look good after the installation of the kitchen island, then you will have to somehow fit the new furniture with the old one. You will need to find furniture that matches the color and the design of the old one. If not, the island will look like an accident in your kitchen.

4. If you’re planning of redecorating an existing kitchen, and you don’t know if you want to install a kitchen island, the best way to see if it will fit is by taking some of the cabinets from the walls and set them in the middle of the kitchen. If it feels nice, then you should make one.

5. Consider building a kitchen island that has two levels. One where you’ll be preparing the food and one where you’ll be eating. Now the trick is to try and hide the first level, because you don’t want to see the mess while you’re eating. Also, if the island can be seen from another room, then you should try and make visible only the second level, the one where you’ll eat.

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