Kitchen cabinets alignment problems

There are many problems that can appear in the installation or building process of kitchen cabinets. The best way to deal with them is to prevent them, of course. Here are a few things that you should consider.

Fixing the cabinets

One problem that can occur involves securing the cabinets to the walls. Most of the time, users do not pay enough attention to this step and they end up fixing the cabinets away from the walls studs. This will lead to fixing problems and may even damage the cabinets and the wall. Take your time in finding the kitchen wall studs and make the necessary measurements to make sure you fix the cabinets to the studs. Also make sure the cabinets are leveled.

Installing the upper cabinets

Another thing that you should consider is connecting the upper units before you attach them permanently. This will make the cabinets more stable and it will reduce the wobbling. Use loose boards to join the corners of the cabinets.

Leveled cabinets

Another important thing that you need pay great attention to is making sure that the cabinets are leveled through the installation process. Otherwise it will lead to problems with the other cabinets, they will look uneven and the space between them and the counter-top will diminish. Make sure they are leveled before fixing them on the walls.

Other things to consider

You should pay attention to everything if you want to avoid problems. Make sure you only use screws and not nails for fixing the cabinets on the walls. If you installed the cabinets with an alignment problem, then take them down and start again. Always make precise measurements.

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