Landscaping ideas

When you decide to create your personal landscape, here are several ideas that could help you. For example, constructing a bridge or a little waterfall will improve the aspect of your yard.

Landscaping ideas and projects can imply a lot of money if you decide to make all from the beginning to end.

Try to finish each project at a time until your yard becomes a reflection of your dreams.

Wooden bridges

Improve your landscape by constructing a nice bridge made up of wood. Decorate the area under it with dried stones from a local river. If you want to bring some accents of a Japanese Zen garden, take care to arrange the stones away from each other; it is said that this will keep the evil spirits far from your property.

New walkways

To emphasize the beauty of your landscape, replace the old concrete sidewalk with less conventional materials such as wood rounds, railroad ties or flagstone. For better results, grow very big plants or install a trellis to sustain some clinging vines near the walkways, as “Sunset Landscaping Illustrated” suggests.


Replace hedges with topiary if you want to create a striking effect in your garden. You can do it yourself if you are skilled enough or you can hire a professional to do it for you. It depends on you to choose the shape of the topiary – a geometrical shape or an enchanting animal form. Ask a professional to help you choose the proper plants to create your favorite shape.

Use lightning

Another important element in improving your landscape is the light. For an emphasized effect, place a source of light under a tree or a statue. A fairytale environment can be created if you use underwater lightning. You can also place a succession of lights on your tree trunks and branches to illuminate at night.

Create the illusion of a bigger space

If you have a small landscaping area and you want to make it look bigger, there are a few ideas that could help you. Smaller plants should be placed at the back of your yard while bigger trees and shrubs should be grown in the front part. Also, try to arrange bolder features and other accessories in the foreground and use finer textures in the background. Finally, you can use a lot of detail in front of your landscape; avoid doing the same with your rear landscape.

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