Makita Drills

The drill is a hand-held, lightweight tool that holds its charge in a compact battery which powers it for longer periods of time. The Makita 14.4 drills have a comfortable hand grip and ergonomic design.

The Power and Extra Features

The drill has multiple speeds giving the user the chance to choose the right one based on the material he’s drilling and the torque he needs. It is precise and balanced, thanks to the dual ball design. The drill comes with different bit sizes to make it versatile.

With 3.5 pounds of weight, it is an easy tools to hold and operate, and in the same time it reduces the strain on the hand and wrist of the user. It has a button that makes it easy to use and the T-shape makes it accessible in hard to reach areas. The drill comes with 16 torque settings. The most popular feature of the drill is the keyless chuck which makes the bit interchange faster and offers the possibility to change them with one hand. If you need precision, use the electric break to easily stop the drilling motion.

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