Materials for a greenhouse plastic

Why a greenhouse plastic?

Greenhouses plastic is a good solution for your plants to grow in a protected environment, safe from the problems nature may pose to them, such as frosts or heavy rain. It will trap the sun rays inside, creating a warm and humid atmosphere, providing a safe place for the plants to develop.

How to build it?

So, how to build one? There are many possibilities, but mainly you can either build one yourself or buy a kit, which is easier.

In case you want to make one by yourself, gather the materials, which are some  wooden 2x4s, a staple gun, clear plastic tap and clear duct tape and follow these 3 steps.

1. You start with building a frame, by nailing together the 2x4s.

2. Next you will cover all the sides of the frame, except the bottom one, with plastic tarp.

3. If your greenhouse is rather big, you should build a door. If not, cut  the tarp on the top side, make it large enough for your hand to go through, and keep it close with duct tape.

And there you have it, your very own greenhouse plastic.

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