New roof installation

If you’ve decided to install a steel roof, then you should know that there are many mistakes to avoid. These mistakes can cause injuries and roof problems, like water leakages.


In many states you will need a permit to start a roof installation.

This permit can be acquired from your local city courthouse. You can even download the form from the internet, fill it and then email it. You will get the permit in a few hours. This way you will be covered in case of injuries.

Safety precautions

When you are up on the roof, check every step and always be alert. Wear protective cloths, and a helmet. Take short breaks to avoid fatigue and back problems. Avoid doing anything if the weather conditions are bad.


If you need to remove the old roof, then spend time cleaning all the debris and removing all the parts from the old roof. Avoid doing this job in rainy days. Try and choose some dry, sunny days, because you will also need to apply underlay.


Always follow the instructions provided by your contractor and also the instructions of the manufacturer. Ask for directions.

Wrong materials

Do some research on the materials needed for your roof. Always get the best materials you can afford. Steel roofs are very durable and if they are installed correctly, they will stand for decades.

Complete work

Always make sure that you complete what you’ve begun and that you do it correctly. You do not want to have water leakages because you missed some steps.

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