Normal staircase

Spiral staircases are quite magnificent. They are most of the times considered works of art. They are ideal for any home, especially for those that do not have enough space for a normal staircase.

In the following article we will talk a little about spiral staircases and their features.

Spiral staircases have been used for centuries, creating masterpieces of construction. Spiral staircases are compact and require only a fraction of the space required by a standard staircase.

They can be placed in any corner of a room. They are also used outside buildings.

One of their main disadvantage is that they cannot be used for moving heavy and large objects on them. Spiral staircases should be considered a second stairway in a home where you are moving a lot the furniture.

They are also steep and narrow and they aren’t indicated to be used but the elderly and by children.

These stairs can be dangerous if a person misses a step. They are equipped with handrails  on both sides, but this will not assure the safety.

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