1. One of the most important nutrients is the nitrogen. When it comes to this type of deficiency you will observe one of the following symptoms: tiny plants with big roots; tiny, not so green leaves and a diminished grow rate. This will stop you from benefiting from your crops because plants will not have enough energy to fight with the lack of nutrients and at the same time to grow.
    Furthermore, this will make your plant susceptible to diseases.
  2. Phosphorus will transform your plants into items that have dark leaves and fragile roots. You should know that this will start with mature leaves and it is encouraged by the lack of proper amount of nitrogen.
  3. Yellow leaves are determined by the absence of potassium. Also, fresh leaves will tend to drop and newer ones will eventually stop from appearing.
  4. Small roots that are fragile and do not evolve as expected may lack calcium. Their leaves will be dark and curled.
  5. When it comes to magnesium, the problem is harder. It is proved that a deficiency of magnesium does not show from the beginning. It is like a dormant disease. You will see the signs only when it is advanced. Your plants will grow slowly and will die before blooming.
  6. If you see an absence of green in your plant leaves, you are probably facing a lack of iron. As this evolves, the leaves will become brown and the plant will die.
  7. A fragile plant with a slow rate of growing is a sign of manganese deficiency. As you probably know, this nutrient is mainly responsible for determining the proper blooming in the plants.
  8. If you are facing stagnation in the growth of your plant, consider adding more zinc in your nutrients mix. This will help your plant to continue growing.

This being said for a perfect hydroponic garden is not enough to mix some nutrients. You will have to analyze your plant needs and offer extra elements to those that need it. Plants grow differently and have specific needs. Learn about them and your garden will be a success.

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