Papier-mache glue

Nowadays we associate a colorful piñata with a child’s party. Besides the fact that they are very funny, piñatas have a long story. Few people know that these decorations were used for religious practices in the past.

A homemade piñata is a cheap and funny way to make a party more special.


  1. Use a bowl to mix water and flour.
  2. Make papier-mâché glue by mixing 3 cups of water with 2 cups of flour. Take a wooden spoon and mix it until the final product becomes uniform.
  3. The parts of you piñata’s body will be formed with the help of 3 balloons. Fill 2 round balloons with air for the head and body of your Lizard piñata; use a long balloon for the tail. Stick them together using duct tape.
  4. Take some newspapers and tear them into little strips. These strips will cover the body of the piñata in several layers.
  5. Apply a small amount of your flour glue on each strip and lay them down all over the balloons, excepting a small part on the piñata’s head or body. This will serve as a little “door” to put the candies inside.
  6. Apply another layer of newspaper strips and let the Piñata get dry for a few days ( depending on the number of strips layers),
  7. Pop and remove the balloon through the opening at the top.
  8. Take some colored paper and cover the Piñata. Use some glue to fix the paper. You can also use markers to draw the mouth or the eyes of the Lizard Piñata.
  9. Use wrapped candies and sweets to fill up the piñata.
  10. Use a pair of scissors to make two holes at the top of the Piñata. Introduce a string through these holes and hang your Piñata in the air.
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