Phone bills

If you are afraid to see the costs on the phone bill every month, than maybe it’s time to see some tips and suggestions and do a little management.

First step in reducing the costs on your phone bill is to negotiate the best rates on long distance service. If you know that you make many long distance calls, than you should consider a plan that has a monthly fee but has low charges on per-minute calls.

Think about the time of the calls. If you usually do them in the evening, than consider a plan with evening discounts.

Always be informed about news plans not only of the same company but also of others. Usually, new plans appear every month. You can also receive calls from telemarketers or sales representatives concerning new plans, but be careful to ask for more information about the company. Ask for a website that can help you. If they cannot provide more information than it is just a stupid joke.

Cell phones and phone cards

Nowadays most people use cell phones for personal communication instead of traditional direct-dial phones. These offer a bigger range of plans, including unlimited minutes, evening discounts, etc.

If you make only local calls and no long distance calls, you shouldn’t ignore the last one. Buy a plan with a lot of minutes for local calls, with a monthly fee, and include the distance calls but with a higher per-minute charge. This way, if you do need to make long distance calls, it will be there. It’s more beneficent to have it than to not have it.

Phone cards are another way to minimize your phone bill costs. These cards can be used any time and they offer charges down to 4 cents a minute. Thus, they offer the best rates any time. If you do decide you want a phone card, consider buying one that offers a long-term usage date or no expiration date at all. Watch out for cards that can charge you when the calls doesn’t go through.

Purchase cards with the least amount of minutes and dollar amounts on the market, until you find the perfect one for your needs.

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