These days it’s easier to do some plumbing all b yourself, thanks to the plastic pipes. You can tackle and finish some easy jobs in no time. Here’s what you’ll need for the installation of the overflow drain:

  • Extension Pipe
  • P-Trap
  • Tail Pipe
  • Teflon Pipe Dope
  • New Tub Overflow Drain
  • Saw
  • Spackle, Paint, Paint brush
  • Screwdriver


Pick the overflow drain

Choose the color and the decorations on your tub drain. This has to be similar to the principal drain on your bathtub. They come with chrome decoration, brass.

Step2. Additional materials.

You will also need

  • Extension Pipe
  • P-Trap
  • Tail Pipe
  • Teflon Pipe Dope

Step3. Securing the permits

Review the requirements concerning plumbing in your area. Some municipalities and townships require that you have a plumbing permit to make modifications in your home.

Step4. Bathtub access

See if you have space to operate. Also see if you need a saw for the hole. If you have a bathroom on the first floor, then you may need to do some work on the ceiling.

Step5. Cutting the hole

Cut the hole to gain access to the place where you’ll need to make the installation. You need to make the hole bug enough for the drain, but small enough to minimize the repairs needed.

Step6. Removing the old overflow tub drain

Most of the times, the tub drain is attached to pipes through screws or clips. If there are screws, use a screw driver to detach it.

Step7. Installing new pipes

Make sure you have the needed pipes and then install them. Cover them with Teflon tape to prevent future leaking. Tighten the bolts and then test the drain.

Step8. Filling the tub

This is for the purpose of testing the installation. Fill the bathtub with water and see if there are some visible leaks around the new piping.

Step9. Closing the hole

Add a door or hinge on the hole to close it up.

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