Pond lights

Underwater lights for pools

This is a job only for experts. If not done correctly, there can be the danger of electrocution. These light pools should only be installed on the base or on the walls of the pool.

Underwater lights for ponds

This is a very simple task and can be done only by reading the instructions on the set.

Some of the materials that you will need are:

  • Pool light
  • Weight if not provided
  • Screw driver for terminals
  • Wire cutter
  • Wire stripper
  • Weather proof junction box

Choosing the lights

The first thing you need to do is decide on the size of the lights. They should be too big for the pond. There are some models that have their own weight and don’t need any other system to make them stay on the base of the pond. Also, read the instructions on every set to see if there are any special requirements.

Assemble the lighting

Most sets come disassembled, but the installation is very easy. If you bought a light that doesn’t have any weights than you should think of a way to anchor it. A brick should be enough.

Power supply

If there is a pump in the pond, then you should be able to install a junction box that will also supply power for the lighting. The junction box should be weather proof.

First find the power line, and after you turn off the power, cut the line. Trim about an inch of the insulation of the two wires and then connect them to the boxes’ terminals.

Connecting the light to the junction box

Expose the two wires in the cable that are the power supply for the transformer. Trim about a quarter of an inch of the wires and connect them to another pair of terminals in the junction box. The junction box can now be closed. Ensure the water proof seal.

Independent switching

If you want the light to be turned on separately from the pump, then put switches on both lines.

Connecting the transformer to the light

Open the terminal box on the light and connect the wires from the transformer.

Now you only need to lower the lights into the pond and position it as it looks best. Now turn the light on.

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