Portable fan

One of the most cost effective alternatives to air conditioner systems is a portable unit. The best thing about these units is that you can move them around the house and you can avoid using too much energy trying to cool two rooms at once with one air conditioner unit. Most of these portable unit have a nice option that allows them to use only the fan.

This transforms the air conditioner unit in a simple fan.


This is an important step as you want to use the fan in the most effective way. Move the unit around the room and see where you get the most satisfying results. The air needs to have a nice flow and if the it circulates nicely along the room then it it be even more efficient. Speed, intensity and temperature are also important.

It’s important that you try different places. Also think if you want the fan to circulate the air or do you want it near to you. This is not always the best choice as the cool air the blows can give you a serious headache in a warm day.

Try turning the air conditioner/heater on short bursts. This way the unit will use even less energy.


Before you use a fan or a portable air conditioner, be sure that you dust and clean your furniture. This will prevent any allergies from being set on and also debris from flying. Also, dust and debris can clog the air conditioner unit over time.

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