Prevent mildew in your bathroom

Mildew is a problem that every house can and will have one day or another. Mildew can be easily recognized by the black small stains that it leaves on different surfaces. Not only that mildew will damage any material that grows on, but it also is a danger to your health.

Mildew usually forms in tight, dark spaces, with high humidity and warm temperatures. They can be usually found in bathrooms, basements, closets, etc.

The best way to deal with mildew is to prevent it. Here are a few tips.

Keep things dry

Moisture is the main cause for mildew formations. Find the source and prevent mildew appearance. Some of the things that you can do daily are:

  • cover the pots while you’re in the kitchen, cooking.
  • wipe the excess moisture from shower walls.
  • reduce the moisture in your home with the help of an air conditioner.
  • always fully dry your cloths before storing them.
  • seal cracks in your basement.


The air flow is very important as it reduces the level of humidity and also removes spores for further mildew formations.

  • let the windows opened as much as possible, especially in mildew-prone areas.
  • use an air conditioner or a fan for lowering the moisture level.
  • leave closet and cabinets doors opened for a few hours once a week.
  • store your cloths in plastic boxes.


Proper ventilation usually does the job, but you can use other methods to reduce humidity. For example, you can let the light on for a full day once in a while, or use Silica gel to absorb the moisture. Also a heater may be the right choice.


  • never put cloth in closets if they are moist.
  • always clean and fully dry cloth before storing them.
  • use plastic boxes to store cloths.
  • always air your things before storing them.
  • leather goods can be better protected if they have a paste-wax polish applied.
  • store shoes only in closets, not in basements.
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