Pruning rose bush

No matter what variety of roses you have in your garden, they will still need some pruning. Although the size differ a lot, you can apply almost the same rules, with subtle differences. Here are a few tips.


The position is very important, because if you are not comfortable you will hurry up and maybe make mistakes. You should also place the flower at the eye level, if possible, to have the best view of the progress.


Because the miniature roses are a lot smaller than normal roses, you cannot use standard shears, because you risk cutting the entire plant. Buy some smaller shears because they are easier to handle and you will have much more precision. Also make sure the shears are very sharp.


Before you start the cutting, you should have a good idea of what you want to achieve. So, don’t get carried away or you may end up with no plant.


When you are ready to prune the rose bush, you will need to remove the dead twigs, first of all. Also remove the stems to clear the way. You will also have a better view of the plant. Be careful not to over prune the bush, because it may collapse on it’s own weight.

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