Remote viewing capabilities

If you have installed or plan to install a camera system you can prevent problems from appearing and provide evidence of vandalism if occurs. If you are looking for a camera system,  you should consider some available features. Many cameras come with the possibility of monitoring the house via internet while away from home.

However, there are some things you should take into consideration.

The most important thing for a remote-viewing security camera system is the security of the system on the network. Make sure the system has the ability to set up a password protected user account. This way you’ll be the only one monitoring the house.

Next there is the issue of the internet connection. There are two types of connections, a static IP or a dynamic IP address. If you don’t know the type of connection you have, then you must have a dynamic one because the static IP costs more on a monthly basis. This is important because you can save up to $10-30 per month. Therefore, when choosing the surveillance system, ask if it’s suitable with a dynamic IP address. Unfortunately, most systems don’t work with a dynamic IP address, that’s why the Alnet System PC-Based DVR Cards are now very popular for home security camera installations. This system is compatible with dynamic IP addresses, so you can remotely view the house, without extra payment for your internet provider.

Finally, look at the viewing options the system offers you. The viewing ability differs from basic Internet Explorer only through a web browser, to more advanced PC-Client remote viewing that offers full access to the cameras, even Windows Mobile PDA and Windows Mobile Smartphone, like the Alnet PC-Based System. With the help of the PDA or Smartphone you can connect to the system and live view the house, no matter where in the world you are.

The decision of installing a camera system is easy to take, but make sure you select the system suitable for your needs. Also think about the remote viewing capabilities and costs, because a cheap DVR will cost you more in internet and provide low-quality recordings. Keep you mind at peace with the remote access and stay connected with your home.

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