Remove oil stains

Clothing, carpeting and other fabrics are most exposed to oil stains. If you quickly use an oil stain removal, you may escape the problems with permanent oil stains.

Home remedy for oil stains

Home ingredients are especially good against vegetable and food oil stains.

If you act quickly you can remove them very fast.

  • Absorbing ingredients. The first step is to pour some cornstarch, salt or talc powder over the stain. These ingredients will remove most of the oil and it will make it easier for you to remove them.
  • Degreasing agents. The easiest remedy is dish soap. Pour on the stain and rub a little.
  • Lighter fluid. Another remedy for removing oil stains is to use some lighter fluid.

The first thing you need to do when having to deal with oil stains is to first blot as much of it as possible. Use an absorbing agent and then use a vacuum cleaner to remove the powders or just shake it well. Then use a degreasing agent to lift the oil and prevent it from becoming a permanent stain.

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