Removing dropped ceilings

A: Yes, joint tape should be used wherever there is a joint. The only exception is when the ceiling will be covered with crown molding.

Q: How can a lower ceiling effect be created?

A: Ceilings can be lowered by creating some moldings.

Also, you can paint the ceiling in a darker color than the walls, or use wide wallpaper border placed below the ceiling. An important thing is not to use vertical stripes on the walls.

Q: How can dropped ceiling be removed and can there be installed recessed light over fluorescent ones?

A: Dropped ceilings are most of the times used to cover any cracks or imperfections in the ceiling. If the ceiling behind the tiles is very damaged, but you want very much to remove them, then you can cover the ceiling with drywall sheets.

Recessed lights depend a lot on the space that they have above. It takes at least 7-8 inches for recessed lights. You will also need to locate the studs. The fewer studs you have to run wire through the easier the project will be.

Q: Which is better to use for covering a concrete ceiling: drywall sheets or just plaster?

A: If you decide to use plaster, then you should first prepare the concrete. Clean it with an acid wash and then use a wire brush. Then you should apply a very tight coat of very rich plaster or even neat plaster. You will need some other tools, like a hawk and trowel and some straightedges. Follow the instructions on the bag and put the bond coat, then mix plaster and sand.

Q: What should be done in the case of a dropped 20 year old wooden ceiling: should it be removed and replaced with a drywall one or should it be neglected.

A: It’s better to remove these dropped ceilings because they always hide imperfections. Also, it’s best to handle eventual problems before they get bigger. This is the chance to renew the house.

Q: Can mud swirls on the ceiling be sanded out and then applied a new pattern?

A: Ceiling swirls shouldn’t be a problem for you. They can easily be sanded down. After this you should apply a primer and only after a new pattern. Use some drywall screens instead or regular sandpaper. For the new texture you can use a spray set-up. You will also need: an electrical drill and mixer paddle for mixing, covers for the floors, a couple of buckets.

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