Roof color

Aluminum roof coatings are some of the most durable materials that can protect your roof. They can withstand great stress and usage and still won’t get damaged. They will protect your roof against winds, rain, snow, heat and it won’t even crack.

More than this, it reflects more than 70% of the heat of the Sun.

Cleaning the roof

It is very important that your roof is perfectly cleaned before the aluminum is installed. Remove all dirt and debris. Use a broom or a vacuum cleaner. You can also power wash the roof and let it completely dry.

Roof inspection

Inspect the roof for any crack, loose parts, worn parts. It’s important that the roof is in its best condition. If you see any problems, repair them. Make sure you use sealant, for water protection.

Coating primer

Roof coating primers are made to allow specific roofing materials to adhere to the aluminum. Materials that usually need a primer coating, will also need metal flashings, edgings, gravel stops. Be careful to buy a primer that is compatible to both the aluminum and the material that covers your roof.

Installing the aluminum roof coating

Let the primer dry before applying the aluminum coating. Also, the roof needs to be dry. Coat the roof only in sunny, warm days.

You can use an airless sprayer or a soft-bristled broom to apply the roof coating. If you are planning to use a broom, then make sure that you apply each stroke in the same direction to ensure that all the flakes have a uniform light reflection.

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