Roof maintenance

Wood shingle roofs are maybe the best choice a homeowner can make. They are very durable, but like any other roofs, they get worn or damage in time, or by harsh weather. So the important thing is to maintain the and make the necessary repairs to the roof.

Immediately after you have discovered cracked wood shingles, you should replace of repair them to prevent leaks.

It doesn’t matter the extent of the damage, because you will need to make the repair anyway, to prevent further damage.

Getting ready

First of all you will need to gather all the necessary equipment. You will also have to pay great attention to your safety, as you will be working on the roof, and the risk of accidents is high. Never work on a wet roof, especially if it’s made of wood. The shingles can become very slippery.

The ladder needs to be hooked over the edge of the roof, and a rope used to secure the top of it to a solid anchor point.

Replacing the shingles

First of all, use a hammer and chisel to split the cracked wood shingles. Remove the resulted pieces and also remove the nails or saw them if you can’t get them out.

Now measure the width of the gap you will need to fill. Cut a shingle to fit the size, but it should be 3/8 inches narrower to allow expansion when it gets wet.

Next, tap the new wood shingle into place. Align it to the rest of the shingles. Then pull it out and cut slots equal to the necessary measures. Use a utility knife or a hand saw.

Tap the shingle to within half an inch of its position. Drive two shingle nails into the shingle at a 45 degrees angle. Use a nail set to complete nailing the new shingle. Use a hammer and a wood block to drive the new shingle up half an inch.

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