Roof torch on coating

There are many options for roof coatings. Every one of them offers some advantages and disadvantages that you should know about. Having these things in mind will help you determine the right coating for your roof.

Tar and gravel coating

Almost all traditional roofs used to have tar and gravel coatings. Tar is a very good sealant and it protects the roof against water infiltration. The main problem with tar and gravel coatings is that it’s very heavy. With each layer added the weight increases and could damage the roof structure. Also tar is a know carcinogen and it’s less and less used.

Rubber and acrylic coating

More and more used is the rubber coating. It comes in black, white and gray and is mostly used on mobile and modular homes. It will need to be re-coated every 8 to 19 years for general upkeep. You can apply the rubber even if you are a novice. The process is very easy and it needs no knowledge.

Copper and tin

Metal and copper are other materials great for roof coating, only that they are a little more expensive. The coating needs very little maintenance and it’s also leak proof. It needs to be installed by a professional in order to have it at maximum effectiveness.

Go green

One nice, great, green way to coat your roof is to apply topsoil, sod and plats to your flat roof. The water collected will be absorbed by plants and won’t infiltrate into your house. It is also a great way to insulate your roof. You house will be much cooler in the summer time. It’s fire proof, of course. But be careful with the planning as a topsoil coating may be very heavy and may damage the structure of your home.

Avoiding the upkeep

Even if they call it a flat roof, it still has a pitch, but a low one. If you are repairing your roof, then talk to your contractor and tell him to make a pitch that will get rid of all the water. This will prevent leaks and infiltrations.

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