Like all flowers, roses too need some caring and maintenance. One of the things that you need to do, besides pruning, watering and fertilizing the soil, is removing the spent flowers. This will allow the roses to re-bloom without spending more energy on dead flowers.

This encourages regrowth. Also, by removing dead blooms, you avid having problems with insects.

There are two main techniques for removing spent flowers:

Trimming at the 5 leaves set

  1. for this technique you will need to locate the spent flowers. Look down the connected stems and identify the second group of leaves that are full grown.
  2. Using a sharp pair of shears, cut the stem above the leaves group at a 45 degree angle.
  3. You can seal the cut you’ve made using white glue. This should be done if you have insect problems.

Trimming below the flowers

  1. find the spent flowers
  2. you can then either cut or snap the stem below the flower. If the flowers are produced in clusters, then you should cut the stem.

There are small advantages and disadvantages for both trimming methods. Using the second you will retain the full foliage of the plant.

You should not remove the spent flowers after the last bloom, before the winter. Pruning encourages new growth and this is not a good idea before the cold.

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