Rusted objects

If your job needs the help of tools, it’s more than necessary to take care of them. One thing that can damage them and prevent you from taking advantage of them is rust. There are a few ways that can help you remove rust and keep your tools functional.

Required Materials

  • Hot water
  • Dish detergent
  • Heavy-duty wire brush

Cleaning the tools

Before starting to remove the rust from the tools, you should first clean them. Remove any grit or dirt from them. You can also use some detergent and hot water to remove grease and stains.

Remove rust

Use a wire brush to scrub the surface of the tools.You will need a good wire brush. You need to scrub until all the rust is gone.

Rinsing the metal tools

Rinse the metal with hot water. If it still has rust on the surface, remove it with the wire brush.

Removing rust inside of tools

Materials Needed

  • Steel wool or medium-grain sandpaper
  • An oil substance such as WD-40 or a solvent

Scrubbing the rust off

Pour sufficient solvent in the interior or the tools and then use the steel wool or the sandpaper, to scrub the rust. Scrub until all excess rust if off.

Rust prevention tips

After you have cleaned the tools, you don’t want the rust to reappear. This is why you need to take care of the tools and keep them in good shape.

  • after each use, clean the tools. Scrub all the dirt and debris.
  • also, you need to lubricate them. Use any lubricant products or oils.
  • store the tools in a dry and secure place. Prevent water from getting in to the tools. This is their main enemy. You can store them in porous bags or in uncooked rice (rice keeps the humidity low. You may need to replace the rice once in a time).
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