Save energy

When you’re building your own home, try using energy efficient appliances and also construction materials. One way to keep the pace with the eco trends is by installing energy efficient windows.


Energy efficient windows are insulated. This means that they offer a resistance for heat transfer. This means that they are great to keep heat or cold air inside.

2. One great thing you should have in mind is use energy efficient windows with double layered glass with argon as insulator. This gas is far better than air for insulation.

3. You need to look for windows that have Low-E glass or low emittance glass. This means that the glass had a reflective surface that bounces your radiant heat from inside, back into your home and in the summer outside.

4. You should also have in mind the U value. This value represent how well can a window keep heat in a cold day. The lower the U value, the better the window is insulated. It should be under 0.35.

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