Scaring off a burglar

Home security systems work great and they can scare off a burglar not only through the stickers near the front door but also through the alarm system, which can alert the authorities very quickly.

The alarm can make the thieves run so fast that they won’t have time to look back and this way your house will be protected from burglaries. So, we can all agree that alarms are good, but they still have flaws.

There are many reasons that can prove this.

Alarm systems can be quite good and if the price is somewhere between $50 and $135 they will even come and install it, but in the same time you make the mistake of signing up for $15.99 to $39.99/month for a two-year contract. You have to pay great attention to these companies which are giving you the security system, because after you have signed up they sell the contract to a larger company which will provide you the service of patrol and dispatching. In the end, after many calculations, there is no doubt that the company which gave you the alarm system for free will win an excess of $500.

You can say that everybody won, because you’ve got a security system to protect your family, the installation company got its money and even the dispatch company has a new account, but that’s not that true. There can be cases when the installer and the dispatch are the same company, but are just telling you they are separated so that they can make more money. Sometimes even the installer is a thief because it sells you junk security systems which will make the burglar’s job much easier. This is why it’s good to be careful when you buy such important systems and only when you feel you have all the answers, sign up with a credible company.

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