Security systems

In order to succeed in doing this, you have to take into consideration all the available options. To make your job easier, it’s good to draw a layout of the property and take a look at it very carefully. Your house is nothing without the neighborhood and this is why you need to find an aerial on Google maps.

This aerials are very good because they can show you what escapes can burglars use to run away. They can use drainage ditches, side roads, school playgrounds and wooded areas. Also it’s very important to have a pretty good idea were the burglars might park a van without being seen. They will try to find such a place so that they can load up things from your house without anybody disturbing them.

When people have a great yard with a lot of shrubbery, they feel safe but it’s not always like they think it is. What is really good for your house is having a wall or a gate, but you should pay great attention to whom you say the gate code so that it won’t end up in the wrong hands. Word of mouth is dangerous in these cases, but it’s very easy to prevent this just by keeping the code only for you and your family. A bad scenario for your house can start with a slip of the tongue to the landscaper and this one can tell to an employee, who will eventually tell a friend in a simple night when they go out for a drink. This can go on and on, until it gets to the wrong ears which can mean a total disaster for your personal belongings. The bad guys will put up a plan and when they find the perfect moment, they will free your house from all your stuff.

In order to make your house a fortress you have to follow some steps. First of all, you need to cover all your house entries with an alarm system and for the inside of your house it would be better to use a motion detector system. Smart actions against your house can be done from inside the security company and because of this, it would be better for your protection to use two sets of alarms. If you want to make it even more complicated, you can use a new code every time you are away. In case of a fire, the firefighters will ram the gate, but you can stay calm because no one will enter on your property.

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