Setting the price for items on a garage sale

The secrets of a successful garage sale is having a sales presentation, ample preparation and team organization.


  1. You need to schedule the sale in advance because you need to publish ads in the community newspapers, or place some ads in the city. Check the forecast in advance, and make sure that you choose a sunny day.
    Also, don’t pick a holiday weekend, unless you live in an area full of tourists.
  2. Gather all the unwanted objects from all the family members. You can also call your neighbors and let them know about the sale in advance. Ask them if they want to sell some things.
  3. You may also ask all your neighbors if they want to organize a sale for themselves. This way you will gather a bigger number or persons and also you can cut costs for ads, by each ones contribution. This will be a guaranteed success.
  4. Buy an ad in the local newspaper and put up some big signs that can be easily spotted. Also, put some ads in no-cost newspapers.
  5. Set up a starting time, so that there will be still good stuff when the customers appear.
  6. Scrub and wash every object that you plan to sell. If you can increase the price of an item by a simple repair, do it. Stack cloths by size and provide a changing area and a mirror.
  7. Set tables for a certain price. Items that can be bought with less than a dollar on one table and so on. Also put signs so that customers know. Label each object with the right price.
  8. Be realistic on the prices. You may not get more than a half on some items. Be sure to leave room for bargaining.
  9. Organize the items. Don’t make piles and let the customers search in them.
  10. Put some bait for the passers. You can put some nice furniture or maybe some play structures for children.
  11. Make sure that there is plenty of room for cars to park.
  12. Put toys on rugs on the grass. Children will be drawn to them and they will make their parents buy them.
  13. Speak with the customers. They will buy things if you talk them into it.
  14. Set up a cash table near the entrance. You will need plenty small bills, change, a cash box, a calculator, pencil and pen, ledger book (to inventory commissions), bags, boxes and newspapers to wrap purchases, and a tape measure.
  15. Protect yourself from thieves and put valuable objects on a special table, where there will always be someone to watch.
  16. If you see that the end of the day is near and you haven’t sold many items, cut the prices. You can also donate them to charity. This way you can take a tax write-off.
  17. Make sure that you will provide an outlet extension, so that customers can test the electrical items.
  18. Sales can be distracting. Be sure to keep the house locked and keep money in a safe spot. Also keep items that you don’t want to sell out of the selling area.
  19. Don’t accept checks.
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