Solar panels

Although electric gates are very popular these days, they can be replaced with solar gates because they have some advantages which none of the gates have. Their operation is very easy and the battery uses Sun’s light power. With a fully charged battery, a gate can work an entire day.

Energy consumption is small for these gates and they can be operated even if there is no form of power supply close to them.

The rest of the article will offer a number of reasons for which is better to go solar. Choosing the right gate system is something that you need to do from the start and in most cases the wheel system is used. After that your concerns should be the size and the position of the solar panels which need to face south. The distance between the gate and the solar panel can be around 80 meters because they don’t have to stay one next to the other.

The materials needed for this project are:

  • Fence controller
  • Ground rods
  • Wire clamps or wire connectors


When you begin the installation of the electric gate you need to look very carefully if the gate is plumb, level and the swinging is done smoothly.

Fence controller

When you install the fence controller, it needs a safe cover and the electrical connections have to be kept away from moisture. Ordinary electrical wires are forbidden because they are capable of carrying no more than 600 volts.

Ground rods

When you install the rods, they need to be six feet tall, galvanized or made from copper. These rods need to be placed at a distance of 20 feet away from the controller after which you attach the ground wire using grounded rod clamps. When you are done, you need to verify the clamp to bite well into the rod and also into the ground wire. To be safe from accidents, the ground rods need to be at a distance of 50 feet from utility ground rods, buried phone lines and underground water-lines.


To do a good job you’ll need different things like wire clamps, wire connectors and splices. It’s not safe to wrap wires loosely because corrosion may appear in the future.

The distance to which the controller has been put in the ground is very important. Besides that, be sure the solar panels are facing due south or the midday sun.

In the end, the conclusion is that solar panels for electric gates are simple and very effective. If the right tools and materials are at your disposal, a complete installation should not take a long time.

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