If it happens to cut yourself, and you stain your favorite t-shirt, you should try and remove it immediately, after you attend your wound of course.

Blood stain removal

The first thing you need to do is wash the affected spot as quickly as possible. If the blood hasn’t dried, the plain cool water should solve the problem.

On the other hand, if it has dried, then you should start to scrap the excess blood. Then, place a piece of cloth underneath the affected area and pour some hot water over it, or you can use laundry detergent. Blot the spot with a dry cloth.

The first rule is not to rub the material, as the blood stain may become embedded in the fabric or spread. If the blood stain is still present after the wash, do not let it to dry and continue using detergents and hot water, until it’s removed. You may soak the piece of cloth in a solution of detergent and water for couple of hours.

Household products

Most of the times, a mixture of water and dish washer will remove any blood stain. Ammonia may also remove for sure every blood stain, but it mustn’t be used for silk and wool cloths. Hairspray and hydrogen peroxide are also used to remove these kind of stains.

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