Staircase pickets

This isn’t an easy job for a beginner, but it’s a good starting point for amateur welders. All you need to do is follow the next steps:

  1. First of all you will need to lay the steps so that the widest part, the outside of the step, should face towards you.
  2. Next you will need to mark the pickets.
    Measure the distance between the pickets by dividing their number by the size of the stair.
  3. You will need to make sure that the steps are leveled. After this set the pickets on each marked spot. Also level the pickets.
  4. Weld the picket to the step. Check again if it’s leveled. This will ensure that they all have the same size.
  5. Now finish welding each picket.


  • properly ventilate the area you are working in.
  • wear fire-resistant clothing when you are welding.
  • always keep a fire extinguisher nearby.
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