Steel roof

Before you start installing a steel roofing, you will need to do some preparations. Here’s what you need to do.

Removing the old roof material

You can use a shingle shovel to remove the old roof.

Throw the debris directly into a container to avoid cleaning a pile of mess afterwards. All debris should be removed and the roof cleaned thoroughly.


Take precise measurements. Measure each eave, ridge and sidewall. Also measure the angles. This is needed to fix any problems in your roof.

Inspecting the surface

One important thing that you will need to do is inspect the roof. It needs to be in good condition and also dry. Make any repairs if necessary.


After removing the roofing material, look for loose panels, nails, staples. Remove any debris remaining and also remove the nails or hammer them as deep as you can. The roof needs to be leveled and clean.

Paneling and splicing

Steel roofs usually come in panels. The problem is that there is no exact measure of the roofs, so you may need more or less panels than most of the houses. The problem is that panels are standard sized and some of them will need to be spliced in order to cover the roof area. This is a tedious job and can cost out large sums of money. The trick is to calculate the panels exactly on the roof and make as little splicing as possible.

Tools and materials

You will need some tools before you start the installation. Be careful to buy enough screws, nails, roof anchors, staple guns or nail guns, etc.


Being on the roof and covering it with steel can be a dangerous job, so you will need to be properly equipped with special protective gear. You should also use a harness and lifeline.

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