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Maybe the most important think in a kitchen is the cabinetry. Kitchen cabinets add most of the look to a kitchen, making them an important design element. These cabinets can be custom-made or stock cabinets.

Custom-made cabinets can be personalized according to your preferences. They can be made especially for your kitchen, to custom sizes, with a unique look, color, etc. Stock kitchen cabinets can be found in all home improvement centers or in catalogs. These are a lot cheaper than custom-made cabinets.

Storage options

The main purpose of kitchen cabinets is to be functional. There are many options that can make your cabinets more useful, like baskets, deep drawers, bins, etc.

Some of the cabinet designs are: country, traditional, contemporary, rustic, arts and crafts and old world.

Country cabinets

These kitchen cabinets have a designs that are specific to different regions. For example, in France, country cabinets are made from cherry and oak wood and have raised or recessed panels. In England, they are square accented by curves and they are made from oak or pine.

Traditional cabinets

Traditional cabinets have a lot of ornamental elements and inspire a great traditional look, perfect for older homes. They also come in many designs inspired by different regions and periods, like Victorian cabinets, Italianate and Georgian. Each of these has its own specific elements, like the Victorian cabinets with the arched and raised panel doors. Most of them have rope moldings, carved reliefs and are painted in light colors.

Transitional cabinets

These kitchen cabinets are a combination of traditional and contemporary designs. These include lighter colors and appliances that are not hidden. They are made mainly from synthetic materials.

Contemporary cabinets

Contemporary cabinets have a simple and modest design. They do not have ornamental elements, carvings, and are usually painted in one color. They can also be made from stainless steel, and only lightly grained wood is used. Maple, ash and birch are the main types. They also have glass inserts.

Rustic cabinets

These cabinets are also poor in ornamental elements and carvings, only that they use heavily grained types of wood, like hickory or alder. They are usually colored in red, green or yellow.

Arts and Crafts cabinets

The most popular types of wood used for these cabinets are maple, birch, beech and oak. The cabinets are usually hand-made and can have ornaments. The door panel and frame can be quite different from each other.

Old World cabinets

These cabinets have a worn look. They can be cracked and the finish can be distressed. To make them perfect, you will also need to buy dishes and cups that are also from the Old World.

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