Sump pump maintenance

First of all, the sump pump is used for regulating the levels of water that will accumulate in the sump pit at one moment, being a part of the drainage system. More clearly, the sump pump is designed to prevent flooding in case the drainage system will fail. Even if they have a sump pump installed, many people don’t even know about its presence and will not keep up with the maintenance like they should.

This negligence will eventually lead to basement flooding with water and drainage residue.

Sump pump alarm system

Any material, non-material and health safety measures depend entirely by the action of the sump pump. Because nothing works well forever, the sump pump will eventually have problems functioning. Here comes the sump pump alarm that will alert everybody about a sump pump problem. The alarm will trigger the moment the water is crossing the decreed limits. Usually this happens when the pump is not working properly and needs to be repaired.

How to maintain the sump pump alarm

  • Most of the flood alarms use batteries as a power source, so this implies that you check regularly the sump pump in order to avoid any problems that can be easily prevented.
  • The sump pump alarm needs to be powered well or else it won’t go off when there is a problem with the water level.
  • You should also have a backup battery power system, just in case something happens with your current batteries. Having a very important role, the backup system should be charged at all time because you can’t afford to let it run out of energy.
  • You may need to call a technician from time to time to check the sump pump alarm. Also is very important to know at all time the track of your voltage readings.
  • Flowing debris and mud can cause problem for the sump pump. This requires a regular cleaning of the alarm to make sure it works as it should.
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