Terminal fence posts

When you’ll decide to build a vinyl fence in your yard, you should take into consideration the space you have and the type of bay area. There are fences that suit better open railings, while others prefer privacy along with an infill.

Planning your fence

  1. Any type of digging should be made only after someone has checked for underground utilities.
  2. Decide on the style of the fence.
  3. Check and see where you will put the fence panels, the gate and the terminal posts. To make the job of measuring and placing the fence much easier, just use a roll of string that will represent the parameter of the fence.
  4. The 4x4s need to be put in the ground so that the primary fence posts are set.
  5. Verify again the string, looking if you included the corners and gates. After you decide where the bay areas will be, set there a series of rails or an infill. The last one can be used for privacy.
  6. After the 4x4s posts, use some string to tie the corner posts among them. Make some measurements for the panels and you can read the following step.
  7. The length that you measured for the panels has to be applied to the location of every line post. The posts need to be in line all the time so for this you have to make the stakes to contact the layout string. Don’t forget where the gates will be.
  8. Use a post hole digger to make the necessary holes for the fence posts. Use the height of the fence as a guidance and make the holes with a diameter of 10 inches. Every hole has to be filled with 6 inches of gravel.
  9. When you use the concrete to fill the holes, read before the instructions because will be very helpful.
  10. Insert the posts, pour the concrete and make every necessary adjustment before the cement is completely dried.
  11. The brackets need to be attached to the fence posts because the panels have to slide in them. Bolts and screws are the best solution to secure them in the end.
  12. The gate needs to be installed exactly at the same distance from the ground like the fence. The distance between the posts and the gate should be around 5/8-inches on each side.
  13. If there is additional hardware for the post and the gate you should drill holes for it respecting the measurements given. Also very important is the hinge which needs to be attached to the gate backrail and the same thing applies to the latch and the post.


  • For pre-assembled fence panels, there is no problem for the rails to be attached near the top or the middle.
  • Eye protection should be used at all time, even by your partner. The posts and the main holes should have a depth with 6-inches larger than any other part of the fence.
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