Tight up cushions

Vintage sofa styles are a mixture of modern elements and influences from the 18th and 19th century. These sofa styles look like having their own personality and reveal their history. If you want to achieve a vintage sofa you have to take into account several characteristics in order to make the right choice.

Mid-century modern sofas

Mid-century modern makes reference to the fact that the style of a piece of furniture is as important as its function. The main characteristic of this furniture style is simplicity: simple lines, simple features and simple geometrical forms. Mid-century modern sofas feature equal arms and straight backs with very little ornamentation.

Chesterfield sofas

Dating from the 19th century, chesterfield sofas are characterized by ornamental buttoning and tufting. The scrolled arms of the chesterfield sofas are as high as the backs. The cushions are usually tight up and the sofa is covered in velvet or leather. Decorative buttons are used to emphasize tufting and tailoring.

Chippendale sofas

As the name suggests, this sofa style was created by the designer Thomas Chippendale in the 18th century. Chippendale sofa is characterized by a curve back that looks like a camel hump. The seat cushion is made of a continuous single piece. The legs are usually made of mahogany, in cabriole style. Chippendale sofas are covered in leather or different types of fabrics.

Fainting sofas

A fainting sofa is characterized by the fact that its back is raised at one end. This sofa style dates from the 19th century and was usually used by women to lie down when they fainted while climbing the stairs of the house. That’s why almost any house in the 19th century has a fainting couch near the stairs.

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