The most important things in tin ceiling installation is actually the support brackets and not the tin panels. After this step, fixing the panels is just a baby job. The grid system needs to be perfectly installed so that the panels should fit perfectly.

Tools and Materials:

  • Tin ceiling panels
  • L-shaped wall bracket
  • Main runners
  • Drop ceiling support wires
  • Cross Ts
  • Power drill
  • Wood screws
  • Tape measure
  • Level
  • Chalk line

Chalk line

The first and most important step is to fix the L-shaped brackets on each wall. The space between the ceiling joists and the bottom of the panels should be at least 4 inches. Make the marks on the wall. The put one end of the chalk line on the mark and the other end at the other mark at the other side of the wall and then snap the line. The chalk will remain impregnated on the wall.

Installing the L-shaped brackets

Now, with the chalk line drawn, just fix the L-shaped brackets on each wall. Check the level once in a while to see if it’s straight. Use screws to fix the brackets in the wall.

Installing the main runners

You will need to place the main runners according to the size of the tin panels. Standard tiles are 2×2 feet big. You should install a runner every 48 inches. Make the measurements long before the installation of the runners and even of the brackets.

Support runners

You need to attach a length of wire at each cross point. The runners need to stay in the level.

Installing the sub-connectors

Sub-connectors need no extra support from the joists. They just need to be placed to create 2 equal 24 inch sections. The panels should fit perfectly now.

Installing the tin tiles

Having the grid in place, now you can begin installing the tiles. This is the easiest part of the process. You just need to slide them in between the runners and then let the fall into place. They should fit very accurately.

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