Tips for installing a spiral staircase

If you want to install yourself a spiral staircase, then you can easily buy a kit that will surely suit your needs. Before you go buying and installing the staircase, you should know a few things about the installation.

The proper kit

It’s vital that you buy the right kit for your home.

The design can influence the size of the stairs, so it’s important to have the right measurements. Also there are kits designed for outdoor use and indoor use. The material is more than important. For durability, opt for metal staircases. Also you can buy a painted staircase or a treated one.

Building codes

Before buying the staircase kit you should review your local building codes. These may specific different measures for the stairs, diameters, degree of turn, headroom allowance. You can save a lot of money and time if you review these codes and buy the right thing from the first time.

Also if you have an insurance policy for your home, check It and see if it says something about stairs installation.

Before the installation

Mark the location of the staircase on the ground and ceiling before you install them. It will also help you determine the correct size. Plan the staircase construction at least 6 inches away from the walls. This will give you a little extra space for the construction. Also check the kit if it has all parts.

After the installation

To preserve the look and resistance of the stairs, you should paint them or treat them against pests or corrosion. Use oil-based paint. Never use water based paint.

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