Tips of getting rid of pests

The Pest a Cator 1000

The Pest a Cator is one of those rodent repellers that is very easy to use and also very easy to install in every home. It only need to be plugged into any 110V outlet. The Pest a Cator 1000 is recommended for every small home.

If you have one that has more than 1000 square feet, then you may need multiple units. You won’t have to deal with any maintenance and also with chemicals and traps.

This makes it very safe to operate with children and pets.

Pest a Cator 2000

This unit can be installed in houses that have about 2000 square feet. It works the same way as the Pest a Cator 1000, only that it has a larger area of action. It also needs to be plugged into an outlet of 110V.

It is also chemical free and also you do not have to deal with maintenance and traps. It is very easy to use and safe.

What is a Pest a Cator?

This “machine” uses electromagnetic technology to “upset” rodents and also roaches. There is also a sonic unit, that uses ultrasonic technology to deliver sound waves that will drive pests out of the area of action.

These units have a one year warranty and is free of maintenance. It is very safe to use and easy.

Why use these units?

  • there are no chemicals and poisons involved. It can be used with children and pets without having to worry about them.
  • it is maintenance free. You just plug it in and then let it do its job.
  • this is one of the most cost-effective solutions for repelling pests. It can cover large areas.
  • if you are not satisfied by the product, you can send it back within 60 days and get your money back.


  • do not leave open doors and windows in your basement and garage, as more pest can come in before they are affected.
  • do not let food in open areas. Always place them in special containers.
  • even though rodents will still wander around, they will not stay.
  • if suddenly you see more rodents then before, it’s because they are irritated and they are trying to get away.
  • use extension cords for areas where there is no proper wiring.
  • no method is completely effective against pests so do not expect 100% positive results.
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