Transmitter and receiver

They are known under different names like “key Fobs” or “4 button key chains”. They can be very useful when you leave from home or come back because you have the possibility to turn on and off the alarm without using the keypad. This doesn’t mean that you won’t use a keypad anymore, because you still need it to see what zone is opened or has been violated when the alarm triggers.

The normal programming when using a four button key chain is the following:

  1. System Armed
  2. System Disarmed
  3. System Armed-Stay
  4. Police Panic

Using key chains and pendants are good for many reasons. In the first place you are attached to your alarm, if you are anywhere from 250 to 1000 feet from the house, depending a lot on the transmitter and receiver. If there is a problem and you need help, you can get out of the car and call for help by pushing just one button. The same thing for an employee which is leaving from work and needs help in the parking lot.

During the night it can be a possibility to use the key fob to turn the alarm on and the keys on the night-stand, in case you need a panic button ready to use. From the key chain you can arm the main floor motion detector at night, after you know for sure that nobody is going there until the next day. If you feel the need to go there is very simple to disarm it just by pushing a button and after you have finished, you can arm it back.

Another useful thing for the remote is when you carry a bag of groceries or a child, which gives you the chance to turn off the alarm without using the keypad. It’s also good for the motion detector in the garage, because you can turn it off before the door is opened.

In case of a hardwired system, it’s necessary to install a wireless receiver first in order to get the chance of using a remote key fob. Once this is done, you’ll have the possibility to get signals from multiple devices, allowing you in the future to use extra equipment without any expense for the receiver.

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