The barn trusses represent the frame skeleton where the roofing board and shingles are attached. These are made from 2×4 boards, but can be made from any material.

Tools and materials

  • truss boards or timber beams
  • metal braces
  • nails and bolts
  • band saw


To calculate the right measure of the trusses, you will need to measure the barn dimensions.

Cutting the boards

Using a miter saw, cut the truss boards at both ends. They should be cut at an angle to face the angle of the roof. It’s also good if you want to install eaves. Place the ends to that each side intersects with the roof.

Brace it

Fix a metal brace across the intersection of the two boards. You can attach it with nails or bolts. Use bolts if the truss timber beans are thicker than 2 inches.

Form the roof shape

You will need to shape the roof trusses so that they form a half-octagon shape. Fasten them with an angle brace. You will also need to install a center support beam.

Cross braces

Measure the roof truss width and start from the inside. Cut another board to the length. The angle of the cut need to be perfect with the roof angle.


Attach the support boards to the truss sides. Use metal braces. The locate the center of the cross brace and measure the length of the beam that start from the roof peak. Cut the beam and make sure the angle cut is good.

Use a metal brace to fasten the center support beam. Make sure all connections are fasten tightly after the installation is finished.

Remember to always use proper safety equipment. Also always clean the working area to prevent injuries.

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