Using a basement pump

This type of sump pumps is used for protecting basements against flooding. Everyone can afford one and is the best option for any problem related to water that may cause problems to your basement. When there are periods with heavy rains, is better to install a backup sump pump just in case something goes wrong with the main one.

How to get ready

If you want to install a water powered sump pump, you may need a lot of time and tools for breaking the concrete. Don’t begin to drill holes in the concrete before you find out exactly where the water and sewer lines are positioned. Check other possibilities that may lead to water problems in your basement like clogged gutters. If it turns out that you really need a sump pump then choose the right place for it and start working.

The installation of the sump pump

  • You should try to break out the concrete in the lowest point of the floor. It should be also near a wall that has outside connection.
  • Measure the pit liner first and then cut a section that has 6 inches over the width of the pit liner. Their depths have to be equal. After the liner is fixed, fill the rest of the place with gravel. The open space between the edge of the pit and the floor should be covered with concrete.
  • Prepare a hole in an exterior wall for the discharge pipe. Put the pipe into the hole and seal it with the caulking gun.
  • After you fix all the electrical cords, you need to take care of the discharge fittings and the pump that has to be put into the bottom of the pit. The pump should have a position that allows an easy movement for the flow of water.
  • The liner lid has to go over the riser.
  • You may need to find a PVC pipe for connecting the discharge fitting to the discharge pipe. To prevent any accidents with the pump motor, a check valve is needed. After all fittings are done, use the PVC cement for sealing every connection.

How to test the pump

In order to check the sump pump, take 5 gallons of water and pour them into the liner. From time to time, is better to start the pump for a few minutes to make sure it’s working fine.

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