Water nitrites tests

Although tap water is treated and analyzed by Environmental Protection Agencies, there is still a chance that your tap water isn’t safe to drink. There are a few things that you can do to assure that you drink clean and safe water. It is something you need to do in order to stay healthy.

There are a few symptoms that can lead you to the conclusion that your water is contaminated. Many of these are medical problems that can affect your family. You can also test the water if you see that the water has a certain color, or if it has taste, or it’s unable to make soap lather. If you leave near industrial areas, the land may be polluted and also spread to water reservoirs.

Testing kit

One of the companies that make water testing kits is WaterSafe. You can check the bacteria level, pH level, lead, nitrates, nitrites, pesticides, chlorine and hardness, and all these with only $20.

pH test

Always read the instructions on the kit. You need to do this not to contaminate the kit by accident. To check the pH level, just pour some water in a cup and then insert the appropriate testing strip into the cup. Read the instructions and see for how much you need to keep it submerged. Then compare the color with the ones in the color chard provided by the kit. When you find the color, read the pH level and see if your water is acidic or base.

Other tests

For other tests there should be other testing strips. You should do the same thing as with the pH test. Just insert the strip in the water. Then read the chart.

You can make your water cleaner by installing different filtration systems. There are so many on the market that you can surely find one for your needs.

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