What colors to use in small spaces

If you have small rooms, then you should know that colors can influence a lot the amount of perceived area in the room. Some color make the room look bigger, while others make it smaller.

There are some tips you can use when having to deal with small spaces.

Keep it simple

One recommendation is to not complicate the decorations of the room. Don’t mix up colors. Use one for the walls and one for the ceiling. If you have a carpet in the room, try to blend the colors nicely. Avoid any complicated wallpaper that will draw attention to the small room.

Use darker color towards the floor

If you do want to use more colors or a special pattern, then try to put the darker colors to the floor, so that the paint light up towards the ceiling. The walls and floor should not be darker then the ceiling. Use the lightest color on the ceiling. It doesn’t matter if it’s white, or a gradient from the base color.

Lighter is better

The most important rule of all, when decorating a small room, is to use light colors. Dark rooms feel already smaller than they are. If you still want to use dark colors, don’t make them dominant.

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