Winding staircase level

Staircase that are not leveled are very dangerous to use. If the staircase is a winding one, then it’s even more dangerous. There are different methods to level a winding staircase, no matter if it’s made of steel or wood.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Winding steel staircases are usually pre-built at a factory and then shipped to the location. Many of these staircases use a center pole as the main structural support. So if you level the pole, you also level the staircase. Use a plumb from top to bottom to do this. Also use a level and move from one side of the pole to the other.
  2. If the staircase is made from wood, check the step tread if it’s leveled. Use shims to straighten the step and make it level.
  3. If the back of the tread is low, and not the front, then you should cut the front of your step. Check the other steps and see if they have the same problem. It’s best if you have the same heights between steps.
  4. Pre-manufactured wood winding staircases need to be handled differently. You can also use a plumb and level to check if the staircase is leveled. Use the same methods, use shims or cut the treads.
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