Wireless surveillance system

If you want to keep up with the technologies that are available for every home, wireless home automation is the best choice. You will be able to control home computer systems, security gadgets, climate control, home theater, lighting, music and more.


In the past, if you wanted to automate some elements in the house, you needed to install multiple systems.

Now the cutting technology integrates all systems in one. This make it possible for the user to control all the appliances in the house. In fact, wireless automated systems are so advanced that they make life so easy in such a way that it is possible to control water fountain, garage door, and lawn sprinkler with a single wireless home automation system.

Plus, having in mind that the systems are controlled wireless, this makes it very easy to install.

Security and surveillance

Security and surveillance systems are more and more popular. They help you protect your house and belongings. Nowadays, cameras are so small that they can be fitted into ornaments and movements sensors can be installed in floors. Usually the security and surveillance systems include some of the following common parts: cam, screen splitters, hard disk drive, video recorder, sequencer and switch.

Home audio system

One of the systems that really needs some wireless control is the home audio system. You can control multiple home theater systems from one place only. You can also listen the same music through all the house.

Home video system

The most important part of a home video system is the touchscreen that allows you to see what videos are played in different rooms from the house, and control all of them at once.

Todays’ technology is so advanced that you can automate almost everything in your house. You can open doors automatically, secret walls to amaze visitors, start the jacuzzi, play movies on all the video systems, music, etc.

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