Wood staicases

If you are trying to find the perfect spiral staircase for your home, you may be in a difficult position, especially if you are looking for a used spiral staircase. There are many out there, but few will suit your needs.


There are many materials that can be used for constructing a spiral staircase.

They may be made from wood, steel, granite, so decide first of all on the material. For country style homes, a wooden spiral staircase is perfect, while steel staircases are great for more modern homes.

Also you will need to think about the type of wood, in case you choose wood as a construction material. You can find staircases made from oak, walnut, mahogany, beech and others. Mahogany and maple will give your staircases a nice old look. All kinds of wood offer great durability.

If iron is the material of your choice, then you can consider buying a decorative staircase. There are some French and Mediterranean design that everybody will like.


Pay close attention to the baluster design. These are the most noticeable parts of the staircase and need to be in great shape and also have a nice stylish look.

Newell posts

These are the parts that keep your stairs together. When buying a spiral staircase, check the overall condition of the Newell posts. If these are in good condition then you can be sure that the stairs are also in good condition. Woodworm infections are the biggest problems. Also look for fresh paint jobs, as the owner may hide something.


These are the parts that make the ascending and descending of the stairs safe. They should be sturdy enough to support the weight of a grown man.

Stair treads and risers

Stair treads get easily worn-out by foot traffic. Make sure that the stair treads are in good condition when you buy the stairs.

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