Zoom lens

If you intend to move in an apartment building, then you should know that they have some very strict requirements concerning the security. This is necessary in the first place for the building management which needs to protect its asset and in the second place for the safety of the tenants.

If the apartment building is not so exclusive to have a security guard, then a surveillance system is very important.

If you didn’t already thought about buying surveillance system, then maybe it’s time you do.

The cameras installed can be either wired or wireless. If you choose the wireless option, then it’s more advantageous because you can put it in more places than the wired one. If you hire a security guard, he has some range limitations which won’t be a problem in the case of a surveillance camera system.

For assuring the safety of a building there are a lot of options but the most available and profitable ones are the security systems. This includes different types of cameras like pan, tilt, zoom dome and IP cameras. The thing that makes them the best of the security systems is the fact that they can be accessed from anywhere in the world through the internet.

If you choose such a system then you will get an entire package with monitors and everything else you need. You can receive between 4 and 16 cameras along with a monitor and a DVR. If your wish to have a system with 16 cameras then you will pay about $4600 for it, but there are also some cheaper systems which can get to $500.

From all the advantages that a system offers, the biggest one is the broad range of coverage, no matter if it is installed inside or outside. Concerning the monitor, it is split automatically by the software so that you can view all the areas that the cameras cover.

If you go straight for the best products then you should try the high speed pan, tilt zoom dome camera. This model of camera can offer a high resolution and magnification thanks to the zoom lens that can be found in different types depending on the brand and model. There are also available some models of cameras that can monitor 360 degrees continuously, and you can use them indoor or outdoor.

This camera is the right one to catch the vandals who will try to damage the building or destroy the cars of your tenants.

IP cameras can be used directly, by plugging them in the computer or DVR, which can help you save some hardware and make it easier to install. In the end, you can admit that a security camera can be a great option for the safety of your building.

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